How to Improve Product Photo by AI

How to Improve Product Photo by AI

March 22, 2023 sample photos

Hey, e-commerce store owner, I bet you used to run into this:
🤯while spending most of your time and effort to operate your online store, you might have limited energy and resources to take product photos by yourself, and professional photography can be costly. Indeed, in addition to having a good taste for selecting viral products, uploading high-quality product photos to your store is also crucial for converting successful sales. By using AI, both of these problems can be solved at once.

You can improve your product photos by is powered by AI algorithms, so there are some features that have been taken care of when it generates product photos for you, such as image enhancement, background removal, color correction, and image resizing. In addition, during the generation process, Assembo PhotoshootAI will gather and analyze the data behind the most viral and best selling product similar to yours, and add those characteristics to your product photos.

To start using AI-generated product photos, just simply follow below steps:
1. Click "Purchase Now" after you navigate our pricing plans and pick the one that works best for you. (Make sure you sign up an account with us first☝️)

2. After finishing payment, you will be able to upload a photo by clicking the "Upload Product Image" button within the web app.

3. If you have any good prompts to help create great commercial photos, feel free to enter them in the input box!
No worries if you don't have any prompts in mind, because we can take care of it with our private recipes if you click "Assembo Choice".😋

With just a photo of your product taken from your desired angle, can create 4 high-resolution e-commerce product photos in just 1 minute! You don't need to worry about spending extra money on purchasing professional photography tools, as everything is automatically generated by the😉