How to make Siri smarter by connecting ChatGPT to it?

How to make Siri smarter by connecting ChatGPT to it?

Ever wanted to make Siri smarter? Voice assistants are great for executing simple tasks, and we can make them much smarter by connecting an AI model to it. Well I have tried to connect ChatGPT to Siri, but it's been hacky and unstable since there’s no official ChatGPT APIs yet. Here I’m using GPT-3’s APIs:
  1. You would need an OpenAI account, and also an API key.
  2. If you’re not feeling really geeky today, feel free to just download and use my shortcut file. I don’t charge for the file but feel free to buy me a $1 ice cream here ->
Open this "Get Jarvis.shortcut" in your Shortcut App:
Make sure you add your API key to the Authorization Bearer!


If you’re feeling geeky today, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Shortcut App
  2. Create a new shortcut, name it whatever you want to say to activate it
  3. Add a “Ask for” action to get your voice input
  4. Add a “Get contents of” action to get and post to GPT-3’s API address:; Selece “Post” method; Add a header with the name “Authorization”, then add “Bearer [Your API key]” to the content; Add a field “model”, with content “text-davinci-003”; Add a field “prompt”, with a selected content “Provided Input”; Add a field “max_token”, with content “1000”
  5. Add a “Get dictionary from”, with content “Contents of URL”
  6. Add a “Get Value”, for “choices” in “Dictionary”
  7. Add a “Get Value”, for “text” in “Dictionary Value”
  8. Finally, add a “Speak” for “Dictionary Value”


GPT-3 API’s not free but it only costs about $0.1 for approximately 20 questions so it’s really not that bad. Have fun hacking guys!
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